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The system that radiates comfort.

Radiant Floors

If you’re looking for added warmth and comfort in your home, consider adding a radiant heating system. The system circulates warm water through PEX tubing embedded in your floor, walls or ceiling. The warmth radiates throughout your rooms for consistent, year-round comfort. Typically, in a home heated with in-floor radiant heat, the thermostat can be set a couple degrees cooler than with a forced-air system, which blows warm air up towards the ceiling. With radiant heat, the heat source is at your feet keeping you comfortable. Warm feet are happy feet!

    The right fit for you.

    The most important part of creating a consistent indoor comfort level is to make sure your system is the right size for your home. Precision will perform a load calculation, which determines the proper size of each component of your home comfort system. This requires the careful measuring of each room and evaluating the potential heat losses and solar gains for optimal efficiency, functionality and long-term value. Not all contractors perform these important calculations….but we do!

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